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Social Impact

Business and capital have the power to be forces for good. Our social impact consulting team helps clients transform their core business to create positive economic, environmental, and societal impact in ways that are profitable for the long term.

Partnership is at the heart of our social impact approach, and it is key to tackling complex social and environmental challenges. We seek to maximize our own social impact by enriching and expanding our partnerships, fostering system-level coalitions, and establishing social impact as a core competency that is woven intobusiness strategiesand thus yield quantifiable returns.

Our social impact consulting drives major initiatives across a broad spectrum of global challenges to shape a better future. Our work is closely aligned with addressing and achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our Client Work Success in Social Impact

In this time of accelerating systematic change, customers, employees, and investors increasingly demand that organizations act in socially aware and sustainable ways and demonstrate that they are doing so. It is necessary, strategic, and profitable for organizations to have a positive social impact because driving such change is a source of sustainable competitive advantage. For instance, biopharma companies that conduct ethical human clinical trials and expand access to medications have margins that are 6.7 percentage points higher, and valuations that are 12% greater, than the average for the industry.

We help organizations to plan, implement, assess, and communicate their social impact initiatives and social impact strategy. Examples of our social impact consulting work include:

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Meet Our Global Social Impact Partnerships

We partner with leading organizations to mobilize shared expertise and to develop their organizational strengths toward solving some of the world's most pressing challenges.

Our Latest Thinking on Social Impact

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Social Impact