Customer Insights

Customer Insights

Customer insights give companies the means to capture growth opportunities and solve pressing business problems. BCG’s customer insights consulting experts use deep knowledge of customer behavior and database technology, along with a unique methodology, to turn those insights into actionable imperatives.  

More than 75% of CEOs, presidents, and chief operating officers believe customer insight is critical to accelerating growth, but very few companies use all the customer information available before making major decisions. BCG helps consumer-focused organizations and B2B and B2C companies alike interpret insights and distill them into actionable and business-relevant imperatives, unlocking dramatic growth and achieving larger business goals.

How BCG Turns Customer Insight into Sustainable Advantage

Whereas the typical approach to capturing customer insights includes research disconnected from strategy, as well as analysis that attempts to answer a given question, we carefully integrate research into broader strategic decision making and inform the most important executive-level questions. And instead of leveraging a massive volume of data from multiple sources, our customer insight experts—consultants who bring strong business acumen to every project—prioritize the data that will best solve the problems at hand.

Through our Center for Customer Insight, we conduct our own quantitative and qualitative research—often using proprietary customer insight tools and techniques, such as MindDiscovery and demand-centric growth, combined with state-of-the-art digital listening tools—to discover the most pertinent information related to customer behavior and thinking. We generate foundational customer insights for industries and markets that do not have institutional or syndicated information already.

These methods enable us to help clients with the following:

Consumer Solutions

Product and Brand Solutions


Our Client Success in Customer Insights

Our customer insight consulting team has delivered the benefits of customer insights in more than 4,000 client cases, across 50-plus countries, representing more than 40% of Fortune Global 100 companies. Examples of our work include:

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Customer Insights