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BCG X is the tech build and design unit of BCG.

We disrupt the present and create the future by building bold new products, services, and businesses.

Tomorrow belongs to those who build it. Turbocharging BCG’s deep industry and functional expertise, we bring together advanced tech knowledge and ambitious entrepreneurship to help organizations launch their next big bets and enable innovation at scale. We are technologists, scientists, programmers, engineers, and human-centered designers who build to address the world’s most important challenges and opportunities. We are BCG X.


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Together with BCG, we partner with clients to build, operate, scale, and transfer capabilities and solutions that generate the greatest amount of impact for business and society. We create the critical mass needed to help organizations mark their breakthrough moments.

We Do

BCG X联合技术工程师,设计师,和entrepreneurs with the world’s leading talent in AI, deep tech, digital growth, sustainability, and more. We enter comprehensive partnerships that rapidly launch new solutions that are ready to run from day one. Our products and solutions generate immediate and tangible results at scale.

  • AI & Software

    x AI &软件

    X. AI & Software is dedicated to building cutting-edge AI and digital systems that go beyond prototypes to transform our clients’ core businesses. Powered by proprietary data assets, our custom products integrate into clients’ unique tech stacks to enable better, faster decision making.

  • Deep Tech


    Solving real-world challenges requires the application of game-changing technologies, grounded in physical science, digital capabilities, AI, and Web3. We help clients achieve sustainable outcomes and become disruptors by driving value chain transformations, enhancing product and build design, and, ultimately, reshaping the way they interact with their customers.

  • Delivery


    BCG X. Delivery builds, maintains, and scales client solutions, working collaboratively in multidisciplinary teams from key centers around the world to accelerate value and efficiency for the world's leading organizations.

  • Design


    Our multidisciplinary team combines the qualitative and quantitative elements of behavioral, human-centered design to drive insights and ideas that result in breakthrough innovations. We’re committed to dramatically improving the end-to-end customer and employee experience.

  • Digital Growth


    We scale opportunities and accelerate performance and growth through digital marketing. Our approach is fast, broad, and deep: we run in quick sprints to generate immediate impact, cater to a broad, diverse set of challenges, and bring robust expertise to set up clients for success.

  • Green Tech


    We harness green tech expertise and a distinct methodology to build businesses for a net-zero economy. Our experts innovate, scale, and invest in climate-focused ventures and solutions that enable corporations to achieve their sustainability goals, reinvent their core business models, and drive sustainable growth.

  • Ventures


    We apply an end-to-end approach to build and launch standalone and new core businesses. We turn differentiated assets into strategic advantages that unlock growth, building everything needed—products and technology, business models and go-to-market strategies, and operations and organization foundations—to launch these projects at speed.

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BCG X is the workplace destination for tech, design, and entrepreneurial minds. We invest in ingenuity, empower collaboration, and bring together a focused breadth and depth of diverse talent to multiply our collective impact.

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