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Companies throughout the industrial goods sector are confronting the need for change by redefining themselves, their offerings, and the way they do business. BCG’s industrial goods consulting teams have proven expertise in helping clients adapt, compete, and win.

For industrial goods companies, business as usual isn’t an option. Regardless of their specific industrial sector—chemicals, construction, machinery, and the like—these companies must think beyond their traditional business and operating models to choose where and how to create value in the future.

In a period of immense change and uncertainty, BCG helps industrial goods sector clients prepare for the future.

How BCG Helps Industrial Goods Companies

We help clients:

Our Client Success in Industrial Goods

Leading the Way on Circularity

Caroline Stern, head of Circular Economy at Hilti Group, discuss the benefits ofCircelligence,解决方案与BCG和合作开发的BCG X to measure circular economy performance and help companies make better informed decisions on sustainability initiatives.

Embracing Agile at Scale to Manage Disruptive Change

Ista CEO Hagen Lessing explains why he believes every company can benefit from adopting an agile-at-scale management system.

How CWS Transitioned to a Data-Driven Sales Approach

阿德里亚娜Nuneva,水煤浆集团首席数字官, explains how the company’s shift to a holistic, data-driven approach emboldened the company's growing sales force, sparking a massive boost in productivity.

Schneider Electric and the Secrets to Scaling Agile

Daniel Gheno advises businesses in transformation to start scaling as soon as possible, find a relevant way to measure progress, and always begin by asking “why?”

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What the Industrial Goods Workforce Wants

A global survey of 16,600 industrial sector employees reveals changing attitudes about work, what’s important on the job, and the training needed to stay ahead.

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Industrial Goods