Organization Strategy

The right organizational strategy, design, and operating model can help companies change the trajectory of their business. BCG’s organization consulting teams have the expertise to help clients design their organization and adopt ways of working that will create competitive advantage.

At BCG, we believe in a simple rule of business: companies are most productive when they harness the intelligence of their employees to drive innovation. But many business leaders are unaware of how their organization model actually hampers agility, speed, cost-efficiency, and resilience.

BCG is uniquely positioned to assist clients in creating the right organizational management context: werecentlyranked as best among market leaders on organization strategy consulting, earning top scores for depth of capabilities, breadth of capabilities, and client impact,according to ALM Intelligence. Our approach to organizational consulting offers a clear path forward for executives who are faced with intensifying competition, evolving business models, and complex technologies.

Types of Organizational Change BCG Leads

There are as many types of organization change as there are organizations, but most of the transformation and organizational change efforts we lead fall into several broad categories. We highlight a few of the most common types of change below.

Transforming Organizations with Platform Operating Models

Organization Transition to a Future-Built Company

Performance Improvement by Efficiency and Effectiveness

Managing Organization Through a PMI

Designing Global Business Services

Our Client Success in Organization Strategy

Our Organizational Strategy Solutions

OrgBuilder by BCG

OrgBuilder, BCG’s patented software platform, provides a single source of knowledge for enabling organization redesign and transformation.

Smart Simplicity

By deploying Smart Simplicity, companies can overcome problems caused by complicatedness and significantly improve their performance. Learn more.

Building a Mutually Reinforcing System of Organizational-and Personal Resilience Hero Rectangle

OrgVantage by BCG

BCG’s OrgVantage is a holistic organization diagnostic that uncovers the path to high performance by evaluating an organization against 12 context levers.

Build for the Future Ambient Hero

Build for the Future

BCG’s research reveals six key success factors and the steps companies need to take to drive innovation, gain competitive advantage, and build for the future.

BCG’s Featured Insights on Organization Strategy

The Agile Upside to an Uncertain World Hero Rectangle

The Agile Upside to an Uncertain World

Implementing agile ways of working and fractal organization principles can help companies build the resilience to succeed in uncertain times.

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Organization Strategy